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35 Things to do before Turning 35

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I love lists.  I love setting myself challenges as I go, and so I have decided to combine the two and compile my to do list before I turn 35.  I’ve already done a lot of things to be content with – traveled, lived abroad, bought a house, got married, worked in television and I want to continue achieving goals.  The main thing in life I need to keep doing is moving forward and taking care of myself and others as I go but this list is little bits and pieces that can help me on that journey. Now obviously, some of these are more aspirations and wishes, some may even be out of my control, yet most I can at least be the driving force behind.  These are in no order of importance.  Merely, my thought process.

1.  Keep a gratitude jar.   Now this may seem like a pretty basic, and to some, futile thing to add to the list, but for me I think it’s something I need.  So often I get wrapped up in the emotional stuff, and the problems and challenges in life that I don’t fully see the good that is happening around me.  Now that’s not to say I overlook the little things, but maybe I should learn to appreciate them a little bit more than I already do.

2. Have a fully decorated house/or a new home.  A year ago we moved into our new 3 bedroom house just outside of the city, and whilst it’s structurally sound, there are many bits and pieces cosmetically that needs work.  The rooms need painted and the garden needs fixed.  Time and money seem to be tricky to come by at times to do all the odd jobs around the place – so I aim to have it all completed by then.  Or become rich enough to buy my dream house.

3. Become a mother.  I love children and looking after children, and I look forward to hopefully having the privilege of being a mum. Growing up in a large family, I helped looking after my younger sisters and helped take care of them.  I think I’d make a good mum – I have so much love and care to give.

4. Learn how to drive and have a car.  This one makes me cringe slightly – that at my age I still don’t drive.  Over here in Scotland there is no drivers program at school – it’s something you have to do for yourself, by yourself.  At the age most people would drive I couldn’t afford hundreds on lessons, not to mention that I couldn’t face being alone with someone I didn’t know.  So hopefully I will over come this and manage to learn how to drive.

5. Start a business with a profit.  I’m a creative person and I have a million ideas of things to do.  I need to narrow it down and make a select few choices and test the water.  I’d love to have my own little business.  Something that I enjoy and something that can provide a little stability in people’s lives.

6. Donate and raise money for charity.  This one, I already do, but I want to up my contributions.  Currently, I give what I can and do what I can for charities around me.  Whether it be me doing something for sponsoring, sponsoring friends, physically donating cash or putting food in food banks so that families don’t go hungry.  I know that I am just one person, but I have the need to do more, the want to do more.  I look around and at times I see change, but not enough change is happening to help those who need it.  Time to do more.

7. Run one 5k a year.  Now this one may be a little ambitious and I am not much of a good runner.  However, it ties in with the above point. Plus, it is something I would like to do, and say that I have done.

8.  Find a weight I am happy with, stick with it and be happy.  Eating and not eating leads to being up & down in weight, shape and size. My perception I have of myself is skewed.  I know that.  However, it doesn’t help me overcome my need to be happy with what I see in the mirror.  So in co-ordination with the above point and other targets and goals, I aim to achieve the me I can be content with. This time around, doing it the healthy way.

9. Do a 365 photograph challenge.  The world we live in is a wonderful, magical place and it’s time I dig out my camera and capture it for myself.

10. Do 1 painting per day for a month challenge.  I used to draw. I used to paint.  I used to be good at it. Over the years I have lost patience with myself and achieving great things.  In particular when it comes to my artwork and aspects of creativity. I’d like to get back into my arty ways.

11. Write something for each day of a month. I love writing, whether it be stories, blogs, poetry or thought.  Like my artwork, I don’t spend nearly as much time on it as I would like to. Time to revisit and re-write some of my works as well as come up with some new.

12.  Make my family tree.  Over the past few years I decided to trace my family back. On my mother’s mothers side I can trace it back to Estonia in the 1750’s, on my dad’s side I can trace it back to the Scotland 1800’s and the exact house that the family lived in.  Now I’d like to be able to physically display all the details I have found. All the family members and their tales.

13. Make a personalized quilt.  I’ve wanted to do this for years but for some reason keep putting it off.  I’d love to make one and give it to my mum as a gift.  Time to get the materials and start drawing out a quilt.

14. Learn to knit and crotchet.  I know this is deemed as a relatively old fashioned thing, but I’ve heard it can be quite relaxing.  Something I could do with.  Also, it’d help with the personalized quilt.  Not to mention, wool and the tools needed are relatively inexpensive, and I could knit blankets, scarves and warmers for the homeless in this country and in others. Thus, helping with my charitable goals.

15. Learn a new language.  I love learning new languages currently I speak English (obviously), French (studied it for 7 years) Italian (studied it for 3 years) Spanish and German (both studied for 1 year).  I’d love to learn Estonian and Gaelic in amongst other languages.

16. Become more cultured.  I’d love to go to a ballet and an opera.  The older I get the more I appreciate the effort and beauty people put into their work.  I’d love to go see and experience these shows.

17. Go to a basketball game.  I’m a bit of a sports fan, and I go to various rugby and football/soccer games.  Over the years, I have been getting into other sports and I really enjoy basketball.  Possibly because it’s something we played at school, albeit briefly.

18. Go to an ice hockey game.  There is a Glasgow ice hockey team that I’d like to go and see play.  I think this stems back to being a child and playing hockey.  I didn’t particularly like playing hockey, but I loved ice skating.  Combine the two, with my sports enthusiasm and it surely is something I would enjoy.

19. Go to more gigs.  As a young adult the gig scene was my scene.  I knew many bands, famous and not. I’d go to the gigs, have a few drinks with the band and invariably go to the after parties. I miss going to gigs, I miss the conversations inspired by like minded ideas.

20. Visit Paris.  It may come as a shock that despite Paris being a mere few hours flight away, I have never set foot in the French capital.  I’d love to go see the sights and enjoy the culture.  Take in the art galleries and the museums.  Pour asseoir dans un cafe avec un cafe au lait et une patisserie.

21. Visit more of Estonia.  My grandmother was from Estonia, but sadly she passed away when my mother was a child.  Luckily, we managed to reunite with our Estonian family.  My family and I have managed to go on two holidays over there. I would love to go and explore more of this beautiful country.

22. Visit America.  I’ve only ever been to North Carolina and would love to see more of this country.  Places along the way are Florida, New York, Los Angeles and Nashville… hopefully I get to see these places.

23. Learn guitar.  I play a little, but not nearly as well as I would like to.

24. Volunteer/mentor.  I want to give people my time and effort.  Whilst obviously work does the same, and we all need work to survive in a financial sense, I always think it would be nice to just be appreciated for helping others.

25. Read at least one book every month.  I’m someone who enjoys losing themselves in a good book, but I go through spells of not reading as life gets in the way.

26. Finish my screenplay/Write the book.  I have a screenplay that is currently in the works, as well as a book.  Both of which I love writing, but my train of thought changes as I change and I constantly have to update and change the way they are both being written.  Nothing wrong with this, but it does feel like a never ending process.

27. Keep in touch with friends/Make new ones. This one is important to me.  I already keep in touch with my friends around the world, I’m the kind of person that will initiate conversation even when there is nothing necessarily to say – just to touch base and let them know that they are being thought of.  I, would also like to think that whilst being a shy person that people think of me as approachable and kind, and that new friendships will come from it.

28. To Say Thanks.  Over the years, so many people have come into my life and given me reason to be thankful.  I’d like to be able to say thank you and show my gratitude in some way.

29. Overcome my fear of water and swimming.  I’m terrible for letting phobias get in the way of doing things that I would love to do.  Over the past few years I have overcome the fear of water – as long as I can touch base.  Really need to stop being afraid of things that are not worthy of fear.

30.  Climb the hills of Scotland and see the sights of my beautiful country.  There is so much beauty in my little homeland.  As a child I explored a lot with my family. I’d love to go see it with adult eyes now.

31.  Take a class in something unexpected.  I’d love to learn something new, something that I probably would normally overlook.  Not entirely sure what I will try but I’d like to do something

32.  Get a pet or foster an animal. Growing up our house was a bit of a mad house in that I have many siblings and we had lots of pets – dogs, birds, fish.  A lot of our dogs were from people who could no longer care for them – and so we gave them a well loved and happy home for their final years.  It would be good to do that for other animals in the future.

33. Grow a vegetable patch and fruit garden.  Strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, peppers, tomatoes, herbs…the list is endless.

34. Learn to dance.  I’ve always been in awe and slightly jealous of those who have co-ordination and can dance without looking silly. I’d love to learn a dance of some form.

35.Take a trip somewhere random.  I’d love to go to the train station, pick a place and just randomly go and explore.